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Mahwah, NJ
Hypnosis has become a respected method
to motivate individuals for Success!
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"They Really Care!
Certain things in my life I could not have done without this training."

Catherine Gallegher,
hypnosis student

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See Yourself Trained in Hypnotism!

Bergen Hypnosis has the founder of the first hypnotism school of its kind in the country.

Do You Want To:

* Improve & Enhance your own life
* Make more money
* Help People
* Learn to communicate with your family
* Or Do it just for fun...

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Come join our classes...

Whether you want to do the training for fun, to help yourself and others, or as a career, by now, you probably realize that far and away the best way to improve yourself is to begin with your mind and heart. By learning to control and let "flow" your natural, God-given subconscious abilities, you really can become the person you want to be.

Professional hypnotists who possess real skill are needed now more than ever before. Increased obesity, stress, the use of tobacco, and a crisis in American schools have created an infinite market for hypnotism services. It could be said that all people would benefit from the knowledge of how to use hypnotism.

Bergen Hypnosis & Weight Loss Center Institute will be providing complete hypnotism career education. Upon course completion, the graduate shall possess the skills needed to participate in this fascinating profession. In addition, Bergen Hypnosis is committed to the distribution of the ultimate practice, management, and marketing training in the industry. Our philosophy is that a vocational choice should enrich the lives of our students as well as their future clients. This life enrichment includes financial, intellectual, spiritual, and physical growth.

Bergen Hypnosis courses have been developed to maximize our student’s ability to run an independent practice in hypnotism.

If you are accepted as a student, you will be scheduled for training according to your schedule and the schedules of your instructor and other students.

Just like everything else, fees for training vary
- (Discounts for clients.)

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