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Hypnosis has become a respected method
to motivate individuals for Success!
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"I lost 57 pounds."
- Marty Sutton, Client




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"Hi, My name is Candace Richter. I live with my husband. I lost 58 pounds total with hypnotism. I went from a bulky size 16 to a size 4 and it feels great."

Read My Story...

I was unhappy. Just look at my before picture and you get some idea of the suffering. Even my biG clothes were too tight. Wow, did I feel sorry for myself. Maybe you’re there too. If you are overweight, my hope is to inspire you to get the help you need. Look at me now. It really is possible.

Hypnosis ended my struggle with weight. Had been to gym programs. I tried dieting. Even ordered videos. Nothing lasted. Now I am in a size 4 and this program is completely the reason why. My search stopped here.

I saw the ad for hypnosis and called to make the appointment for the free screening. I figured, “What have I got to lose?”. I actually was so excited to get the help that I walked up to one of the hypnotists on the street before my appointment. I asked about the program. He visited with me and told me everything would be covered at the screening.

I knew it was the right place immediately when I got there. They showed me other people like me who had succeeded on the program. It was fun and I learned a lot. They taught me that all hypnosis is really self hypnosis. Motivation is possible. I understood how this would work for me.

I saw results right away. First, I was more calm and in control of my eating choices. I stopped watching the scale and started choosing the activities that could really help me. I quit feeling sorry for myself. You could say the program simply adjusted my attitude and motivation. I always knew what to do but I needed help to consistently make the choices. This program gave me that kind of help. We have kids so our grocery bill is up there. I saved hundreds of dollars on junk food alone. It’s nice to know that you’re not wasting money eating junk that is bad for your health. Of course, the kids still raid the kitchen.

Lately, I have read articles in Newsweek© and Fitness© with information on the effectiveness of hypnosis. You may have seen supportive information on network TV. Since I have used this method, it’s amazing how many sources I see that know about the effectiveness of hypnosis. If only I had called the first time I thought about it, I would have been thin a year sooner. Why suffer when you can get the support you need? Call for your FREE hypnosis screening today! Tell them Candace sent you.


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We provide a free screening. It’s fun and informative. We will give you an honest and in-depth explanation of hypnosis and evaluation of your situation. We'll tell you whether or not we feel hypnosis is right for you. Obviously, because programs are customized for each client, we cannot estimate prices before evaluating you and your situation. You must have a free screening. There's no risk. No obligation. If you are sincere about solving your problem, then call us right now to find out if this is the answer you've been searching for. Read more here.
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Lose Weight With Hypnoisis

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Lose Weight Naturally And Fast

If you are wanting to lose weight fast and naturally...

Lose Weight Naturally And Fast

No one can promise you an exact....



How To Use The Best Weight Loss Program
The best weight loss program in New Jersey is going to have some of the same characteristics as the best weight loss program anywhere. And in the search for the best weight loss program, several things need to be true.
Any weight loss program that will deliver results that last needs to be free of dieting, or counting calories, or counting points, or weighing too often. It needs to provide you with a means of support for the lifestyle change that will cause lasting weight loss.
Diets alone always fail. Diets don't work and they never will (Remington, Fisher, & Parent). Diets starve the metabolism causing you to gain more weight back than when you started, because the fat cycle has been trained - through dieting - to hold onto excess weight. This causes ever increasing overweight, and does not promote a comfortable weight loss experience.
When searching for the best way to lose weight, you will need to a) get the real training and hypnosis techniques for lasting weight loss & b) decide to notice the real things that you will need to change personally in your life.
What Is The Fastest Way To Lose Weight
The fastest way to lose weight is not necessarily the healthiest. However, if you are wondering how to lose weight naturally and fast, that is a different question…
Fast weight loss is usually associated with crash dieting or unhealthy pills and supplements. To lose weight fast is often a mistake. HOWEVER, you can still lose weight fast, as long as you are also using healthy methods. In fact, ironically, by doing all of the steps at one time, you actually make it significantly easier on yourself to lose weight, rather than harder.
Weight loss doesn't have to be painful.
Hypnosis for weight loss makes use of the most efficient methods.
To lose weight quickly is one thing, but to lose weight in a very timely manner and still be healthy, and in fact, improve your life overall is entirely a new way of doing it.
The best way to lose weight and keep it off is to become emotionally responsible while learning the most up-to-date weight loss methods.
Natural Supplements For Weight Loss
Using any kind of weight loss supplement is something to be very careful about for several reasons. Over the years, many weight loss supplements have become debunked or found to be harmful and thus pulled from shelves. Also, they never give you the personal control that a true weight loss program that works should include.

Fast Weight Loss
Again, fast weight loss is not necessarily good. However, it can be good to lose weight quickly, if it is done right.
It must include the willingness to face what is going on and address it. Then, eating the right foods, and not for emotion, of course, becomes much more natural to do.Weight Loss Diets
Weight loss diets often cause starvation and feeling deprived. That is never good. We want to consider a good weight loss program to add rather than subtract what can do or have, etc.
Think of a good weight loss program as one that focusses on inclusion, rather than exclusion.

Amazing Weight Loss Before And After Photos
Any certified hypnotherapist or hypnotist offering weight loss programs to the public for the purpose of effectively losing weight will need to be making use of real and genuine photos of successful clients that you have worked with.
It is true that in order for you to take action on your goals, you will need to believe that it is possible. After all, what kind of action can you really effectively take when you are worried if "it will work". It is understandable to have failure expectancy when starting a new weight loss program if you have tried to lose weight multiple times in the past and failed over and over again. BUT, the thing that you must bear in mind overall, is that this time must be different, and it is. (If you are accepted as a client in your screening, you will by then, already know that this is true.) Still, it is important to know that your success at losing weight is possible.
So, to review, in order to feel like it's worth taking new action, you will need to come to a point where you believe that it is possible.
That is where amazing weight loss before and after photos come in. That is also where great weight loss testimonials play a role. Because, nothing proves more to your mind that something is possible than visual proof.
But it is much more than that. The testimonials and weight loss before and after pictures are also a "road map" for you to get the results that you came for.



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Hypnosis has become a respected method
to motivate individuals for Success!
TM Real People...
Real Results...

Bergen Hypnosis Gets Results!